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So my previous post promised, with not a hint of pause, that the next time I plugged myself back online I’d have a new book in my hands to share with you.

Needless to say, that pause was obviously misplaced.

I’m still in the process of writing, and am making a great deal of headway into what I hope will become an excellent resource not only for mediators searching for a way to build a successful mediation practice, but also for those who could benefit from an introduction to appropriate conflict resolution.The reason it’s still a work in progress, however, is that I’ve been consistently distracted throughout this summer.  First came the Euros (yes, even though Scotland didn’t qualify!), then the Olympics, then the start of the football season, then the burning desire to look out the window with a blank face for a while…

…and then came my ongoing work in mediation.  Things are moving pretty fast in this area these days.  On behalf of CALM Scotland I’ve been engaged in some pretty high level discussions with various organisations and state bodies in developing mediation for family matters, and I can assure you that if things go the way I foresee, the outcome is going to totally blow your mind in how family breakdown will be handled in the future.  I’ve also finalised the training course in mediating online that’s been created along with Ewan Malcolm, so if you want to learn how to expand your practice area by mediating via video link online, sign up to our waiting list here and we’ll let you know once a place on the course becomes available.

Finally, I’ve also polished off a new service for mediators looking to build more of an online presence.  Have a peek at my new page here and contact me if you’d like me to build you a website like this and a social media presence that helps you reach parties in dispute who could really benefit from your mad skills in mediation!

There’s a veritable wheen of other stuff I’ve not mentioned here, of course, but I’ll leave it at that and keep you posted on how the books are coming along.  Meantime, thanks so much again for your interest in my work and, more importantly, in mediation.