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So for a while now I’ve been a member of the advisory board of Voices In The Middle (VITM).

What’s VITM?

It stands for Voices In The Middle! This is a campaign based down South but spreading across the UK with some force, and forms part of the charity called Kids In The Middle. The campaign’s vision is to ensure that every child and young person whose parents are separating, has access to quite innovative peer support online and a genuine say in the discussions about their future.The website can be found here – LEARN MORE

Having generated a wheen of interest throughout the UK already, the campaign has reached the stage where it is now being run by a team of enthusiastic and talented young people, for young people, and their collective voice is gathering momentum towards real change in the way in which our system of civil justice listens to them. What’s been ringing clear as a bell for some time has been the understanding that although the rights of children and young people are protected and bolstered by international convention, in practice much of what we do in family conflict resolution heeds insufficiently the voice of those young people caught in the middle of it all, their lives juggled and fought over and judged upon with little in the way of a genuine attempt to listen to what they have to contribute.

As I say, word about VITM is spreading, and as I sit here on a misty blue hill in Scotland, I’m watching with great anticipation as the fearsome dust cloud it’s been kicking up travels ever nearer my jurisdiction. I’ll be working with the advisory board and that amazing group of young people to build on the campaign’s work up here, and to support the campaign, would love for you to become a member and help finance the revamping of the site and its continuing work. If you’re organising fundraising events in the lead up to Christmas or beyond, please bear VITM in mind and together we’ll begin to see our young people truly listened to in a time of need.

Simply click here to join me and become a member, and many thanks for reading!