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So welcome to my little site.

It’s been built mainly to sort out in my own head all the projects I’m involved in at the moment, a means to retain my sanity, if you will!

Recently with Moore Legal Technology I created the website for CALM Scotland, the wonderful organisation I’m a member of to practise accredited family mediation in Scotland.  I continue to update that site and operate all its social media accounts (look out for @calmscotland!), and record as many #videoCALM and #audioCALM interviews as I can with the great and the good of mediation and family conflict resolution across the world.I’m in the process of writing two follow-up books to How To Talk To Your Kids About Separation, which managed to hit the bestseller spot on Amazon for books on separation, so if you’ve picked up a copy of that already, many thanks and I hope it’s been helpful. The two books are on the same line, first one on my journey in mediation and how to build a mediation practice, and the second one about how to talk to your ex after separation.  Hopefully both will be available some time this year, but I really need to crack on with them to get that done!

So in due course you’ll begin to see all my books and interviews on this site, a central hub really to access my work in spreading the word about mediation.  What you will also have access to here, hopefully, is my training course in online mediation.  I’m working on that at the moment with an esteemed pioneer of mediation in London, and anticipate that you will be able to sign up to a waiting list for that training once it’s live.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting a great number of amazing innovators and pioneers in conflict resolution over the years, and for some reason quite recently everything is coming together.  The disparate worlds of alternative dispute resolution are aligning, and I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like in the coming years. As part of this movement, at the moment I’m working as an advisory board member of the amazing Voices in the Middle campaign which is beginning to explode around the UK and lending more of a voice to kids in separation, and with this in mind I’m also involved in progressing training for child-inclusive mediation for CALM Scotland members.

My greatest passion in this process, however, is with imPACT (Inclusive Mediation with Parenting Apart and Conflict Training), This is a project which could change the face of family conflict resolution in Scotland, bringing together various respected organisations to create a linked service where parents separating could have access to co-parenting and conflict training ahead of their time in mediation, providing them with a far greater opportunity to design for themselves and their kids a longer-lasting life of peace after separation.

So watch this space, thanks so much for taking an interest in mediation, and please get in touch if you’d like to know more!