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So I’ll be going dark online for a while.

I started a couple of weeks ago writing the follow ups to How To Talk To Your Kids About Separation (one became two in a flash of brief insanity!).  In those couple of weeks I’ve been inundated with work, and have been going hard at it with the help of various courts and organisations in generating a head of steam for mediation in Scotland.That work will continue unabated, of course, but something had to give!

So no updates on Twitter or LinkedIn, no posts on here, no browsing lazily through the interweb, as little number of distractions as possible and, with a bit of focus & luck, once I surface I should have a book published on my journey in mediation.

I’m sure this post will gather frustrating dust as the months roll on, but needs must.  Thanks so much for following my work and more importantly showing an interest in mediation, and I’ll let you know once the book’s ready!