voices in the middle

what’s this dust cloud approaching?…

So for a while now I’ve been a member of the advisory board of Voices In The Middle (VITM).

What’s VITM?

It stands for Voices In The Middle! This is a campaign based down South but spreading across the UK with some force, and forms part of the charity called Kids In The Middle. The campaign’s vision is to ensure that every child and young person whose parents are separating, has access to quite innovative peer support online and a genuine say in the discussions about their future. Read more “what’s this dust cloud approaching?…”

Mediation Website

works in progress

So my previous post promised, with not a hint of pause, that the next time I plugged myself back online I’d have a new book in my hands to share with you.

Needless to say, that pause was obviously misplaced.

I’m still in the process of writing, and am making a great deal of headway into what I hope will become an excellent resource not only for mediators searching for a way to build a successful mediation practice, but also for those who could benefit from an introduction to appropriate conflict resolution. Read more “works in progress”

dad daughter mediation

fnf scotland

So I volunteer for Families Need Fathers Scotland.

I was at its regular Glasgow meeting last night in Merchant City, and listened to a number of really sad stories from parents feeling pretty lost within Scotland’s family civil justice system, and helped a few of them regain some direction in their efforts to maintain a healthy relationship with their children.  The meeting can be quite helpful for parents as it provides them with an opportunity to mingle with peers going through a similar experience, so check out the website for meetings in your location around the country. Read more “fnf scotland”

children separation

hullo ther anawrat

So welcome to my little site.

It’s been built mainly to sort out in my own head all the projects I’m involved in at the moment, a means to retain my sanity, if you will!

Recently with Moore Legal Technology I created the website for CALM Scotland, the wonderful organisation I’m a member of to practise accredited family mediation in Scotland.  I continue to update that site and operate all its social media accounts (look out for @calmscotland!), and record as many #videoCALM and #audioCALM interviews as I can with the great and the good of mediation and family conflict resolution across the world. Read more “hullo ther anawrat”