Scott Docherty Mediatorwho is this guy?

My name’s Scott Docherty. I’m a mediator and Partner in the Dumbarton office of McArthur Stanton Solicitors. I am accredited by the Law Society of Scotland in family mediation, convener of CALM Scotland and member of the Family Law Association, am Vice Chair of Scottish Mediation (and Chair of its Peer Mediation Working Group), and was the first lawyer mediator in Scotland to be trained in direct consultation with children in family mediation (“child inclusive mediation“). I am also a member of the Family Mediation Accreditation Panel of the Law Society of Scotland. I am happy to accept private or legal aid referrals for all types of mediations, including online if that would be easier for you. If you have a query or wish to discuss whether mediation would assist you or your client, please feel free to contact me. My main project at the moment is Mediation In Your Pocket, an exciting innovation designed to disrupt the world of conflict engagement. Feel free to register for updates as the site develops! For CALM Scotland, I created and manage its website, operate all social media accounts, record the #videoCALM and #audioCALM interviews you can access on the site, YouTube and iTunes, and can also design for you a quality mediation website & social media presence – click here for more. I am also advancing training and the use of online mediation for those of you who would prefer to mediate their issues online rather than in the same room, and child-inclusive mediation where that would be appropriate. I am the author of How To Talk To Your Kids About Separation, and am in the process of writing two follow up books on my journey in mediation and on resolving issues with your ex after the separation. I also show off some dodgy #MediationMagic skills on the Scott Docherty YouTube channel to help spread the word about how magical family mediation can be! Although my background is in family law and mediation, I’ve spread out over time into a more general approach to conflict engagement. At the moment I am working in collaboration with state bodies and other like-minded organisations on developing a unified and more powerful voice for mediation in Scotland. The aim is to make more universal awareness and ease of access for mediation, to spread the word about just how life-changing it can be for those in conflict. I have every faith that in the coming years our community will feel the benefit of this continued revolution in conflict engagement, this repositioning of conflict resolution in the field of welfare rather than warfare.

more to the point, how can scott docherty help you?

conflict resolution Great question! Although I’m in the middle of building a number of online portals directed to those in conflict and those intervening in conflict, this site pulls everything together. It’s not really optimised with calls to action, or with search engine friendly content that will hook folks like you in. I do that kind of stuff elsewhere. Really, given how many projects I seem to involve myself in during any given moment, building this little site was a means to help me remember what the heck I’m supposed to be doing! But here you are, you found this regardless, and I can’t thank you enough for showing an interest. So for you, how I can help you depends on why you visited the site in the first place. If you’re in the middle of conflict, I can help you by mediating for you and the person with whom you’re in conflict, and I can do that online if that would be easier. If you’re a mediator or someone who intervenes in conflict, I can help you learn how to market yourself and work online. And fast forward to “pretty soon”, and I’ll be able to help you via Mediation In Your Pocket, a totally mammoth project which will give you, amongst other things, access to a cutting-edge automated conflict coach full of neuroscience and mindfulness, and to a virtual portal unlike anything else on the market in which you can sort things out online with the help of a mediator, with pure self-determination at its core. Right, enough about Scott Docherty – I’d like to hear about you! Please engage with me online or get in touch, and many thanks for showing an interest in my work!