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i can help you engage or intervene in conflict constructively

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who can I help?

who can I help?

Are you in the middle of conflict? Are you intervening in conflict? If the answer to either of those questions is “yes”, then I can help you. My name’s Scott Docherty. If you’re in conflict, I can mediate and coach you, online if that’s easier. If you’re a mediator or intervene in conflict, I can help you learn how to market yourself or work online.

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is your mediation practice about to die?

At this point, you might not know the answer to that. Read more about our insanely popular course on How To Mediate Online, which will help you tap into the growing demographic of those in conflict who feel more comfortable speaking or conducting business online. Register your interest on the waiting list, and when a space opens up I’ll get in touch!

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is your mediation practice about to die?
to those in conflict

to those in conflict

Resolving conflict is down to you and the person with whom you’re in conflict.

Not your friends or family, not your counselors, therapists, lawyers, courts. Just you and the person with whom you’re in conflict.

Sounds a bit judgy, fair enough, I get that. But have a think about that for a moment. It’s your conflict. You know your family. your business, your interests. You know what’s going on, what your hopes and dreams are, and the same is true for the person with whom you’re in conflict. Sure, you might be able to get someone to fight your corner for you, or to have a decision made in court that vindicates your position. But that conflict will still bubble underneath, permeating through your life, your family, your work, festering and unresolved.

So get some advice, listen to what your friends, family and professionals are saying, but then sit down, take it all in during any quiet moment you can find in all this madness, and decide, knowing what you know, where you want to be, if you want to fight, to lock horns with this person, or whether you’d be willing to try talking things out. If, given the choice, you could genuinely resolve this conflict ruling your life right now, would you still want to feed it, grow it, or would you want to understand it, work out how to settle it down?

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